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3 Factors In Choosing A Good Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re in the market to buy a home or to sell your property, having a professional to help you through the process could relieve any unnecessary stress and confusion.

So, when selecting an agent to work with, it’s important to be sure these qualities are met in order to maximize the relationship. During this time, you’ll be making important personal and financial decisions, and it helps not only to have a knowledgeable but reliable agent by your side.

Here are some practical things to consider when choosing the real estate agent that is right for you.

1. Communication Skills – An obvious quality but an extremely important one. You and your agent must be comfortable communicating with each other. Whether it’s a personality match or a language barrier, it’s essential that you and your agent are on the same page. An agent’s purpose is to understand your needs as the client as well as readily explain and answer anything throughout the process. Find someone that is good with correspondence and “speaks your language“.

2. Reliability –  It’s important to find an agent that will deliver on promises, or even better, go above and beyond them. A proven way to see past all the smoke and mirrors, ask for a referral from friends or family. Experience is an important record of reliability for agents and will prove to be beneficial to you if any issues are to arise. Find someone who makes the time for you, prioritizes your needs, and is quick to perform their due-diligence as a representative of you, the client. If a referral isn’t available, some research or test-runs may help. For example, making a minor request to test the agent’s timing and knowledge could reveal something about his or her overall reliability.

3. Availability – In this case, you may not want to jump into a contract with an extremely popular agent. An experienced agent knows how to balance their time, but it’s still a factor to consider if you expect extensive meeting times with your agent. To better explain, a first-time home buyer may appreciate an agent with ample time to discuss documents and stipulations in more detail, whereas a seasoned “mover” may not need as much guidance.

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Other qualities to consider include professionalism, negotiation skills, industry connection, and more. These three factors are important in determining if you would have an effective business relationship to get started, which benefits both you and the agent in the long run.

The Giorgi Real Estate Team guarantees that our agents are fully competent and equipped with the skills to assist your every need. If you are looking to purchase a particular property, or if you would like to place your home on the market, you can be sure we will be your best friends in real estate, here in The Woodlands.  Click here to meet our team.