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4 Effective Ways To Prepare Your Home For Photography

Say you’ve just signed a listing agreement with an agent. In today’s approaches to marketing, you shouldn’t be surprised that a good deal of selling your home involves marketing your home on the internet to potential buyers.

Today, the majority of home-buyers look for homes from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Part of the preparation for your online listing involves gathering significant details related to your property. But perhaps the most important aspect of the marketing of your home is providing quality photos that showcase the property. Your agent should have some experience in providing a professional photographer to come and shoot the home. In order to take the advantage of their services, here are some important guidelines to follow before your home takes its “final headshots”.

Professional photographers may have specific instructions, but here are 5 general tips to prepare your property for sale:

1. Check Artificial Lighting – Even if the photographer has an appointment earlier in the day morning or day-time, there is still a good chance that you will be asked to turn the lights on. The more light, the better. Dark rooms tend to feel smaller than they actually are in a photo, it’s best to maximize the light in the room. Also, make sure that any bad bulbs are replaced.

2. Turn Any Distracting Appliances Off – This means any TVs and computer screens. They have the tendency to draw the eye from the actual interior.

3. Let The Sunshine In! – Draw the curtains and open all your blinds to increase ambient, natural light in each room. We do this for the same reason listed in the first tip. Be sure to open any treated windows as well.

4. De-Personalize – If you have lots of framed photos, make sure they don’t have any personal pictures. It’s best to replace these with an outdoor landscape, inanimate¬†object, or animal. It’s important to allow potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in the home. By switching out some identifiers allows privacy for you as the seller and provides a blank canvas for buyers to focus on the home itself. If you feel uncomfortable with this, consider getting an early start on your move and put away framed photos instead.

BONUS – And one of the most important, DECLUTTER:¬†It’s important to remove the majority of table-top trinkets and decor. For the same reason we reframe photos, we want buyers to see the home first. In order to help them to see through the decor, we like to follow the 2/3 rule. For every 3 items on the counter, take away 2. This way you clear a space for optimal showings, without removing yourself entirely.

Of course, this is already assuming that you’ve given the entire home a once-over, thoroughly cleaning floors, walls, carpets, etc.; If you do the prescribed tips above, you’re sure to make the entire photo-shoot finish more smoothly and in even less time than expected. Everyone wins.

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