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5 Tips To Make Moving So Much Easier

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some tips to help you breeze through an exciting time in you and your family’s lives!

1. Buy more packaging material than you think you need. Better to be safe than sorry we always say! Save yourself some time and trips to the store by stocking up on any packaging supplies you may need. Unused materials can always be donated to a friend or used to properly store any items you plan to keep in the attic once you’re in the new house!

2. Use the RIGHT packaging material. You’ll be doing yourself a favor to use the right materials for the items you are moving. Deciding to use bubble wrap or butcher paper over packaging your boxes plainly, could save some of your most valuable items from any breakage during your move.

3. Put Everything in Boxes. Boxes are stackable and allow for less of a puzzle when packing a moving truck or vehicle. This will save you both time, space, and frustration. Don’t forget to label your boxes with as much detail as possible! This will help to distribute boxes in the right room or make it easier to find an item you may need before you’re fully unpacked. Be sure to use smaller boxes for fragile glassware/ceramics and don’t overpack those extra large boxes.

4. Take Time To Organize. Pack in sections or rooms – It just makes things neat and systematic. You wouldn’t move to a new room until everything in the former area is moved/packed up.

5. Prepare Essentials. Pack a travel bag with clothes and toiletries to last you for the next few days. It also helps to prepare some essentials you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home (i.e. toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, etc.). This way, you’ll have time to relax before needing to dive into the myriad of boxes.

These tips should get you ready for even most uncommon circumstances that may arise as you move. The proper preparation makes moving less of a chore and more of what it should be, an adventure!

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