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About The Woodlands, Texas

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The Woodlands is a master-planned community. Its developers devoted an incredible amount of preparation to the layout and design of the community before any construction or clearing was commensed. In other words, The Woodlands was built before it was actually built.

The concept of large-scale city planning certainly isn’t a new idea. Cities ranging as far back in history as Islamabad and Constantinople were planned cities. A more recent example, however, is – brace yourselves – Washington, D.C. As our nations capitol, you can understand the benefits to its residents and prestige in functionality that come with a meticulously planned design, one that will stand the test of time. Washington, D.C. continues to be an enormous time-capsule of sorts, full of preserved landmarks and spacious communities. The Woodlands is proud to embody these admirable qualities in community design and strives to become a lasting home for each of its residents.

The benefits of a master-planned community have the potential to span for centuries, and at only decades old, The Woodlands, holds great promise for investors and residents…

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…But it doesn’t stop there. Those who prize the serenity that accompanies nearby wildlife and nature, should give significant consideration to living in The Woodlands. This community was built with preservation of both our furry friends and towering pines in mind. Here, you can enjoy all the conveniences of quality living, while still surrounding yourself in the indigenous, forested landscape of Texas. Consider making an investment in The Woodlands properties today.

The Man Behind The Woodlands

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Meet George P. Mitchell. Before getting involved in real estate development, Mitchell was well known for the strategic establishment of thousands of oil wells all over the country. In the latter part of the 20th century his company, Mitchell Energy & Development, began delving into the fine-tuning of petroleum processing procedures wherein he earned his reputation as the “Father of fracking.”

Even as one of largest energy tycoons in the region, he went beyond his legacy in the oil industry when it came to his vision of The Woodlands. Mitchell was not only an admired businessman, but a thriving philanthropist that sought to fulfill the greater good. Bill Schadewald, former editor of the Houston Business Journal, recalls when Mitchell once said that he wanted The Woodlands to be for those accustomed to an urban setting, but who were “[…] looking for a far-flung suburban quality of life.”

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To achieve this vision, Mr. Mitchell was thorough in determining what The Woodlands needed to become wholistic solution to living. His plans included hotels for visitors, sprawling malls, rolling golf courses, and exemplary schools to enrich the lives of the families that would reside here. Neighborhoods and commercial structures were built to complement the land, not to eliminate it. The Woodlands would remain true to its name, while serving as a self-sufficient community to all that lived in it.

Following The Woodlands rapid growth in the early stages of development, it’s size and population have continued to grow into a massively successful hub for businesses and a sustainer for quality living. George P. Mitchell dedicated much of his adult life to establishing this community that more than 100,000 people call home, today. We are forever grateful to him for leaving us with such an outstanding legacy that countless will benefit from for years to come.