Mirrored Sideboards, a Beautiful Addition to the Dining Room


    Mirrored sideboards have been used for decades in living rooms, dining rooms even hallways. The origin of sideboard is in England and originally, it was just a plank or a shelf and served to place food. With time the sideboard acquired drawers and cupboards and this furniture piece became typical for dining rooms. Nowadays we have sideboards, credenzas and buffets and all of these have similar functions.

    There is no doubt that mirrored sideboards add a special character to the dining room. They are beautiful, they offer intricate patterns and can be a dramatic statement piece in a large room or a clever solution to create a sense of space in a smaller room. Each mirrored sideboard has its own charm and with the right one you can add a lot of charm and character to the dining room design. The mirrored surface reflects light and besides the visual expansion, it doubles the amount of light. Look at some pictures and see elegant vintage mirrored sideboards as well as modern minimalist designs and how they work in different interior styles.