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Mirrors: A Beautiful Addition to the Dining Room


Mirrored pieces are making a comeback. While mirrors have been used for decades throughout the home, adding a mirrored sideboard or table to the dining room may be the perfect addition to add a hint of chicness and style. The sideboard originated in England and was originally used a designated piece to place food on before serving. With time, the sideboard acquired drawers and cupboards and eventually evolved into the buffet that is used to store china or dining utensils that we often see in dining rooms today.

There is no doubt that mirrored sideboards add special character to the dining room. They are beautiful and can serve as a dramatic statement piece in a large room or a clever solution to create a sense of space in a smaller room. Not only does the mirror add the illusion of more space, it also adds to the amount of organically reflected light throughout the space. Check out some of the examples listed below and how they work in a variety of interior styles.